January 25, 2021

Remember Career Day? Our CTO Goes Back to High School

Malinda Gagnon

Remember career day back in high school?  We got to go back last week when our CTO, Brian Gagnon, spoke with juniors and seniors at a Maine high school. They invited Brian to speak because their big question was, “How do we go about having a career in technology?

They asked some great questions (we’ll share our favorite), and we donated some Raspberry Pis (a cost-effective microcomputer), so they can start working on some programming projects.  

Here are Brian’s primary tips for building a career in technology.  

  1. Constantly Learn

Continually learning is essential because technology changes so rapidly.  And it’s never too early to start learning. He gave examples of how to use a Raspberry Pi with Python to do some basic automations – like automating your BBQ grill!

  1. Choose Your Path

Technology as a field is very broad, and you cannot be all things. Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Systems/Information Technology are the main paths to consider. All these paths share programming, so starting there will be hugely beneficial.  

  1. College Isn’t Always Necessary

This may not have been the teacher’s favorite! But he pointed out that many people who have started successful technology companies didn’t finish college. They jumped in and became entrepreneurs and taught themselves technology. But there’s a catch, while many big tech companies aren’t looking for a certain level of education anymore – it’s about what someone is capable of learning and doing.  

Brian’s favorite question from a student was, “Do you own a jet?”  This kid has big dreams and expectations about what a career in tech can bring!  (Brian explained why buy, when you can lease? Jets have a lot of maintenance. 😊)

They also asked about summer internship programs with Uprise and joining us for career week when they can be onsite. We’re looking forward to making it happen!  

It was a lot of fun, and we’re glad these kids are thinking about careers in tech.

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