June 8, 2021

Uprise Partners Backs New Data Privacy App TIKI on Mission To Take Back Data

Ashton Johnson

Uprise Partners, a technology consultancy and investment firm headquartered in Maine, has made a significant investment in TIKI, a technology startup giving consumers control over their own data and monetizing it.  

TIKI addresses a growing need for data privacy transparency and access that benefits users by affording them the ability to see, control, and get paid for their data. With the TIKI app, users link their third-party accounts to control how their data is used, including the option to sell it. While the current approach of collecting and monetizing data by big tech companies generates massive profit for themselves, users are not currently able to monetize the information they provide online.  

“The Uprise team is led by Malinda and Brian Gagnon, two of the best people and industry experts. An Uprise investment unlocks the ability for TIKI to operate more efficiently,” said TIKI Founder and CEO Mike Audi. “More importantly, they specialize in bringing innovative products to millions.”

"We are super excited to bring Uprise Partners on as an investor and services partner,” added Anna Stoilova, TIKI’s co-founder and CPO. “Getting access to their marketing and software development teams means we can scale our marketing outreach and customer portal development much faster. The enthusiasm from Uprise has been great, and I look forward to what we can do together."  

Founded by Mike Audi and Brian Gagnon, TIKI addresses a growing need for data privacy control that benefits users. After publicly launching the company at the end of October 2020, TIKI saw a significant influx of users amassing more than 100,000 sign ups since the beta opened three months ago.  

Mike Audi leads TIKI as CEO while Brian Gagnon is a member of the TIKI board and serves as CTO at Uprise Partners. “It’s exciting to see this idea come to life, and I’m thrilled with the team’s progress,” said Gagnon.  

“I’ve seen firsthand how the world’s largest companies use consumer data to generate revenues,” said Malinda Gagnon, CEO of Uprise. “With relatively new consumer data regulations like GDPR and CCPA, and overall consumer awareness about data privacy and control, the tide is changing. People want and should have control over their own data and be able to benefit from their data financially. That’s why I’m so incredibly excited about TIKI.”

About Uprise Partners

Uprise is a consultancy and investment firm that helps business leaders launch, scale, and operate their organizations. The company is led by husband and wife Malinda and Brian Gagnon, who are veterans of some of the world’s largest technology and media organizations such as Google, VMWare, Western Digital, and WPP. Uprise specializes in IT services, software engineering, and growth marketing and was recently acknowledged as one of the top 100 security firms in North America. To learn more, visit uprisepartners.com.

About TIKI

TIKI is on a mission to get users paid for their online data, shifting the power from large corporations to users. Users are able to control and earn money for their data. For businesses, TIKI offers insights into the anonymized data sets in near real-time, so that companies can optimize their business strategy. To learn more, visit mytiki.com.

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